Local Blacksmith.

There is a blacksmith in Keswick whose shop we have driven by countless times. Each time I drive by, I comment to myself or whoever is within earshot that I need to stop in there since we are hoping to be able to include some custom ironwork in the house. Last week things worked out so that I was able to stop in for a little while and talk to the blacksmith/owner of Stokes of England. His name is Stephen Stokes and as I’m sure you can guess, he is from England. He took me around the shop and showed me some of his work and we talked about some of the things we’re looking for. He does some truly amazing work. He has a gallery in Gordonsville that I’m going to have to stop at to seem some more of his work as well as his Portfolio. Right now it looks like we’re going to try to have him make us the three balconies for the front of the Inn, as well as the interior stair railing. What I am also looking at him doing that I hadn’t even thought about before is the front entry door and maybe all exterior doors for that matter. He has dome some really cool work with wood/iron/glass that will go perfectly with the look we are looking for.

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