Construction and vineyard updates.

A lot has gotten done in the last couple of weeks. A couple of loads of stone were spread out over the driveway making it look like more of an entrance. I spent some time down at the Nelson County zoning and planning office and got my building permits for the Winery and the Vineyard storage buildings. Hopefully we’ll get some work done on those here in the next few weeks before it gets really cold. It will be nice when we actually get some buildings up, it will feel like real progress. I’m really looking forward to the winery building since we’re having the exterior walls build the same was as we’re going to have the house done, using Superior Walls. This will serve as our practice run so to speak since it’s not quite as big as the house. It’s a really cool product that we think will accomplish the look and feel we’re going after with the Inn and Winery.

New stone added to driveway.

On the Vineyard we’ve been quite busy as well. With my parents’ help, we’ve been able to install all of the wires that tie the ends pots down to the earth anchors. We tightened up all of the cordon wires and we also pruned all of the vines. As we pruned, we left the grow tubes on all of those that had to be pruned down to the bottom since there wasn’t enough growth last year to reach the wire (which unfortunately was almost all of them….. ok….. it was all of them but one, but who’s counting). We also tied the bamboo stakes that will help keep the vines and tubes straight to the cordon wire. In the next few weeks I’m having a tractor with a York rake go down each row to pick up the rocks and hopefully pull out all of the annoying thorny weeds so that next year I can actually mow between the rows. We also realized as we pruned that we had lost more vines than I anticipated from last year. So in the Spring I will be replanting a few hundred again. Anyway, not sure how will this picture will show it, but it’s the end pots with the wires tightened down to the earth anchors.

End posts tied down to earth anchors.

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