Work on the winery continues.

My parents and I drove down yesterday to work on building the foundation wall that will separate the future tasting room from the winery part of the building. I had 275 12″ cinder blocks, a cubic yard of sand and 9 bags of cement delivered on Friday for this particular task. I was under the impression that it had been dry the last couple of days because you know, the weather people said so. I guess they lied, it looks like it rained quite a bit the night before and what we thought was going to be pretty dry ground we were going to be working on, was actually a whole lot of mud. That aside, it was actually a pretty nice day to work outside. At one point, I owned a small concrete mixer, well, I still own it, but it’s broken. I thought about spending the $300 to buy a new one this week, but my dad helped talk me out of it since we wouldn’t be mixing that much mortar. That is a decision I regretted very, very early yesterday, Mixing nine batches of mortar by hand just plain sucks. The first couple of rows took the longest, but once we got past that, it moved along pretty quickly. The pictures below show where we were just before we took a lunch break and then how it looks finished. The left part of the wall that is only five courses high is the retaining wall outside of the building next to what will be the crush pad.

Christmas Tree.At the end of the day.

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