Spring has arrived…

Spring has come entirely too fast this year. Really, it feels like it has come and gone. Nature is way ahead of schedule which means that the next few months are going to get quite busy. Now that the vineyard rows are all cleaned up, it is time to get ready to plant some new vines. I have 200 Traminette vines coming the first week of April. In order to be ready for that, I’ll be renting a two man auger the last weekend of March to get all of the holes dug out. Sometime before that I’ll also be fertilizing the rest of the vines from last year to see if we can get some real growth out of them this year. The last two years haven’t gone as well as I’d hope, but I have a good feeling about this year. As far as the winery building goes, we’re making some progress there as well. I went down to Amelia, VA to meet with John Cotton and Jim Avery from Superior Walls of Virginia to get the rest of our plans finalized. I’m hoping to place that order here in the next few weeks which hopefully will get us to the point where we can have a winery building up by the end of the Summer. If we can make that work, that would be awesome. I also have been working with a company in Portugal to get some estimates on fermentation tanks, stainless steel basket presses and stainless steel “lagars” for red wine primary fermentation. If all goes well, I’ll be able to get most of our large winery equipment from them.

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