Let’s try this one more time…

For the last several years we have tried rather unsuccessfully to put together a vegetable garden. We ‘ve tried different spots around the yard, different kinds of soils, we’ve tried to just plant in pots instead of in the ground, we’ve tried what feels like just about everything. This is something we really want to figure out since we believe that serving our own vegetables is something that we want to do as part of our Inn experience. So after doing some research we are trying something totally different this year. I built an elevated garden box. It’s off the ground a little more than a foot and then it’s about twenty inches tall making the top of it about the same height as a kitchen counter top. That, so far, seems like the perfect height. I made it 8′ wide by 4′ deep making every square inch easily reacheable from the outside. I put about 3″ of gravel at the bottom of this box that will be kept full with water most of the time as we get into the Summer months and then the rest I filled up with really good soil – a mixture of screened top soil, compost, peat moss, humus/manure and organic garden soil. I really wanted to only use organic soil, but it is just too expensive. I used some plastic pipe and plastic sheathing to make a removeable dome over it for the next few weeks, until we are out of frost danger and I started planting some things. I sowed Gourmet Lettuce, Arugula, Mustard Greens, Speckled Lettuce, Yellow Carrots, Beets, Shallots and Red Onions seeds, and I also have several varieties of Tomatoes and Peppers going. So far it looks great. :-) Only time will tell. This is a picture of the elevated box with the dome over the top of it.

Our elevated garden bed.

Click here for more pics of our vegetable garden.

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