A lot going on…

It’s been a busy few weeks, and the upcoming weeks appear to be even more so. The unseasonably warm weather has led to the Vidal Blanc to be going through bud break well ahead of schedule. Hopefully we won’t have any frost in the next few weeks as that would be very, very bad. Check out this picture of one of our Vidal vines:

Vidal Blanc bud break.

I had previously talked about my struggle with having a vegetable garden. So far this year we’re off to a great start. Our elevated garden bed is looking great and in the next few days I should be enjoying an Arugula harvest. Here’s how it’s looking:

Elevated garden bed experiment.

As far as the vineyard goes, I’m very excited to say that in just a few days, Tracie and I will be planting 200 new Traminette vines that just arrived today. I was lucky enough to have help last Saturday (thank you Brian and Cam) when I rented a two man auger to drill the holes for the vines. We got them all done and a few extras to finish up some posts that I hadn’t been able to finish previously. These two pictures show the newly dug out holes ready to plant as well as the vines that just arrived this afternoon:

Ready for planting.200 newly arrived vines.

It also looks like we’re getting closer and closer to having the winery up. I’m about to order the exterior walls from Superior Walls of VA, as well as the roof and floor trusses from Better Building Components. If all goes well, by mid May we’ll have the walls up and by the end of May the roof trusses will be on and maybe even shingled. That will get us one step closer…

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