Spring is in the air… sort of

It’s been a couple of weeks since we got the Traminette vines into the ground, and in spite of Mother Nature’s best efforts, they are doing very well. To say that the weather has been interesting the last few weeks is a serious understatement. We’ve had a couple of frost scares that we have managed to get through unscathed but looking at the extended forecast, we have a couple more to endure. In between that we’ve also had some record high temperatures that have helped advance the growth in the vineyard as well as our vegetable garden which is looking great and has provided us with lots of greens these last few weeks. This is our best looking Vidal Blanc vine that is about to force me to have to install catch wires to keep its growth off the ground. I suppose, that’s not a bad problem to have.

Vidal Blanc vine.

Though there isn’t much to show for it, we’ve continued to make progress in the winery. Over the next few weeks, things are going to change and we’ll actually get to see some real progress. If all goes well, we’ll have walls up by the middle of May and the roof on by the end of June. I ordered our winery door, and it looks awesome, I can’t wait to post some pictures of that. We are close to making some decisions on windows, and once that’s done, we can actually get going on having the exterior walls ordered.

Click here for more pics of our vegetable garden.

Click here for more pics of our vineyards.

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