Vineyard and Winery updates….

The last few weeks have brought a lot of changes out on the vineyard and the winery. I’ve spent the last several weekends prepping for and installing the three sets of catch wires on our vineyard rows that will catch the vines as they continue to grow far above the cordon wire. Our newly planted Traminette rows that are about a month old at this point are doing really, really well. Some of them are growing up above the grow tubes already. This picture below shows what the vineyard looks like now that the wires are all in place. Since we put the Traminette vines in, we’ve gotten a fair bit of rain which has certainly made my life easier. Of course, as great as this rain is great for the young vines, unfortunately, it is also great for the weeds. I’m currently going through the available options out there as I shop for a tractor to help me do all of the vineyard work.

Vineyard with catch wires.

This is what one of the new Traminette vines is looking like:

Traminette vine.

With the great weather we’ve been having, the vines are really moving along nicely, this is one of the Vidal blanc vines where the little grape clusters are starting to develop flowers that will become actual fruit by Summer’s end:

Traminette vine.

As far as the winery goes, we are really making some progress now. The area has been prepped for the exterior walls which will be set next Monday. I’ve ordered the roof trusses, and I’ve ordered the front door which will become the tasting room door one day from a company called Design Master Doors. They have been so kind as to send me a picture of the door as it stands now. This is just one side of the double door, and it looks awesome so far, I can’t wait to see it once it comes in.

Future Tasting Room Door Under Construction.

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