Winery Construction Continues…

Construction on the winery building is still ongoing. Unfortunately, my time estimates haven’t been as accurate as I would have hoped (by now I suppose I should be used to that), so everything is taking a bit longer than I planned. That being said, work is progressing, and the building is really taking shape now. This is a picture I took after I finished up yesterday. The floor over the future tasting room is now up and next weekend I’ll put some walls on top of it and hopefully start setting some roof trusses.

Front of winery with floor installed.

Our best Vidal Blanc vine is still holding strong. As can be seen here, the fruit is starting to change color and will soon be a beautiful golden yellow:

Vidal Blanc Cluster.

I had previously put up a picture of half of the door that will be welcoming you into your tasting room one day. The door has now arrived, and though it has not been installed yet, I pulled it out of the crate, leaned the two halves up against some shelves in our garage (which happens to be blocking everything Tracie was trying to get to this morning… Oops) and here they are, the guys over at Design Master Doors did a great job:

Winery Door.

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One Response to Winery Construction Continues…

  1. Chuck George says:

    Hey Jorge, you are making great progress to accomplishing your dream.
    Keep it up and I can’t wait to see it completed.

    Chuck George

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