A Long Summer…

First, let me start off by apologizing for taking this long to write another post. It really has been a long, long summer, even though not as much progress has taken place as I would have liked. By this point I planned on having the winery completely under roof and the vineyard should be looking great. Unfortunately neither of those are true. Most of the framing on the winery is done, but not quite finished. Another couple of weekends, and I should be ready to put a finished roof on it. It has taken some time and we’ve exhausted several options that we really wanted to pursue as far as our roof covering goes, but unfortunately, our first, second and third choices are just too far out of our budget. Ironically, we’re actually back to where we started as far as roofing goes, as we’ve decided to use a metal roof. I should be able to make that work by doing the labor myself. Of course, before we get to that point, I need to finish the framing, paint the exterior walls and install windows. This is what the building is looking like right now:

Front of winery with most of the framing completed.

As far as the vineyard goes, I REALLY, REALLY need to buy a tracotr. I’m not sure how most of the vines are doing because I’ve been so busy building the winery and more importantly, because I haven’t bought a tractor yet. The weeds I can say with absolute certainty, are thriving. As for the beautiful Vidal Blanc cluster in the picture from the last post, well, the following week when I got to the vineyard, I was quite unhappy to see that some critter had eaten off every single grape from every single cluster. I wasn’t really planning on getting enough fruit this year to actually make any wine, but that was still very frustrating to see. I did buy some Vidal Blanc grapes from a vineyard down in the Wintergreen area, that is doing quite well. This is a picture of that:

Vidal Blanc going through fermentation.

Click here for more pics of our winery.

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