Venturing out.

Tracie and I decided that we wanted to try some new wineries today, or at least new to us. We headed to Purcellville in Loudon County and started out at Sunset Hills Vineyard.

We had a great time here. Dan was pouring wine for us and he was just great. We met with Mike Canney, the owner for a few minutes and talked about some of the things that he has done there that I am very interested in doing as well. Primarily the solar panels that he installed on the roof of the the barn that now houses the tasting room, and on the roof of the winery We also met Lori Corcoran, the winemaker and owner of Corcoran Vineyards which led to our next stop.

Her tasting room is located in a quaint 1750 restored log cabin. It was much smaller that where we just came from, but some very good wine as well.

From Corcoran we headed to Hillsborough Vineyards. Beautiful place with gorgeous views and a couple of enjoyable wines

Our last stop was at Notaviva Vineyards. We had just finished watching the DIY DreamHouse series about the building of their house/winery and were very excited to meet them and get a chance to talk to them since we will be going through a similar process when we begin construction. Shannon was gracious enough to spend almost half an hour talking to us about some of their experience and we really appreciated that.

We will definitely have to head up that way more often, Tracie is already planning a birthday trip.

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