A little bit of everything.

This weekend had a little bit of everything – from acrobats to food and wine to digging holes. Friday was my birthday and we got tickets to go see Cirque du Soleil’s Totem. We’ve seen Kooza and Ovo and enjoyed them very much as well. As usual, the show did not disappoint, but the drive back from Baltimore simply put – sucked. I don’t konw what I would do if I had to make that commute every day. I certainly don’t envy any of those folks. Saturday I had planned on going down and digging holes for some of the vines that I’m replanting this year. Mother Nature had other ideas and decided to have it just pour down all day long. Luckily we had plans to meet some friends over at the Potomac Point Winery for dinner and some wine and to go over our plans to go to the Algarve region of Portugal this fall. The entire setup from the outside facade of the building to the expanse of the tasting room and their sit-down area is just impressive. We tasted their wines, got a couple of bottles and ordered some food for the evening. It’s one of those places where you start to question your decision on the drive over, but then as you come over the top of the hill it just blows you away.

On Sunday, I got up and headed over to the property to work on my hole digging. On the way I stopped over at Keswick Vineyards for a quick visit with Kat and Stephen. While I was there I picked up my April wine club shipment, tasted the newly released Verdejo and since it’s one of Tracie’s favorites, picked up a case as it sells out rather quickly. After a few hours of digging and fixing some of the grow tubes that I installed last week that got a little abused by Saturday’s weather, I headed back home. Next weekend, my plan is to finish digging the last 100 of my 150 holes and replant 150 vines. Wish me luck!

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