Montpelier Wine Festival

Yesterday we went to the Montpelier wine festival at James Madison’s Montpelier. We love this festival, it’s smaller than the Vintage Virginia and on Sunday it is way less crowded. We met up with some friends and after what looked like it was going to be a gloomy day, the sun came out and it got to be gorgeous. We tried some great wines, some of our old favorites and some new ones. Ran into Jay from Virginia Vinegar Works, he and his wife Steph make some awesome vinegars. If you ever come across some you should totally pick them up. After the festival we checked into the Inn on Poplar Hill for the night. This is a really quaint B&B in Orange. The room was beautiful and comfortable and the food.. well, I’ll update that later today after breakfast, it’s still early. :-) I’ll post a picture later on today as well. If you’re ever looking to stay the night in Orange, you should totally check this place out.

The breakfast was awesome. Started out with an almond and blueberry souffle, followed by a fruit course of pineapple with Greek yogurt. The main course was our choice of either stuffed French toast (stuffed with cream cheese and blueberries) or Eggs Benny (their version of Eggs Benedict using polenta instead of an English Muffin). Or, the option that I choose, half and half so that I could try them both. To go along with this, there was also a plate of crispy thick cut bacon for the table. Absolutely loved all of it. Marty and Victoria are wonderful hosts, if you ever get the opportunity to stay here, I would highly recommend it.

Welcome to the Inn on Poplar Hill The Black Walnut Room

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