I’m a little late but I finally got around to bottling my 2010 Chambourcin. Between going to Portugal last September and the low yields of fruit in Virginia last year, I wasn’t able to get as much fruit as I did in years past. In the end I ended up with right around 12 cases of wine made up of 85% Chambourcin and 15% Syrah. With each passing year, my wines are getting better and better. You could say that some of that is due to learning as I go, but I tend to attribute most of the credit for my success to luck and the excellent fruit I bought from Stephen over at Keswick Vineyards. Tracie got to try it today and she even described it as velvety, some of which I’m sure had to so with the dark chocolate she paired it with. I wasn’t able to finish labelling all of the bottles, but at least I got everything bottled, corked (with our new corks) and cleaned up. Tomorrow after I finish up the last four rows of posts at the vineyard I’ll come home and finish labelling, box everything up and bring it in to the wine cellar in the house. Oh, a couple of weeks ago I built a stand of sorts to put the crusher/destemmer on to make my life easier come harvest season. I do plan on getting more fruit this year so that I can make closer to the legal amount of 200 gallons. If I make that much it will be the most wine I’ve ever made in a year. Here’s a couple of pictures showing my very manually intensive bottling process.

Bottling of the 2010 Chambourcin Hand labeling before and after

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