The Brent Manor Vineyards


There were a lot of options to consider when deciding what grape varietals to plant here at the Brent Manor Vineyards. In the end we based our choices on what we believed would do well at our site, what we liked, and what we thought others would like. We planted Chambourcin, Traminette and Vidal Blanc, we hope you enjoy them. Below you'll find a brief description of each of these grapes.

2011 Chambourcin Reserve.

The Chambourcin grape is a very versatile French-American hybrid that is a deep crimson red in color. It can produce wines of light to full body with fruity aromas, cherry, earthy/spicy complexities. Though it has mostly been used in blends in Virginia, in recent years we have started to see more and more of it bottled as a varietal. Chambourcin goes well with barbecue, pork, and grilled dishes.

2011 Chambourcin Reserve.

Traminette is a cross between Gewurztraminer and a French-American hybrid. It can be made into a variety of different styles with very different flavor profiles. Its wines can be made either dry or semi-dry. They can be spicy as well well fruity with apricot and honey flavors. Traminette pairs beautifully with spicy foods like Indian or Thai but also with soft cheeses and fresh fruits.

2011 Chambourcin Reserve.

Vidal Blanc is another French-American hybrid that can produce a variety of different styles of wine. It is often used to make dessert wines but can also produce a bone-dry steel fermented wine to pair with fish, or a smooth and luscious oak fermented wine to pair with strong, flavorful cheeses. Vidal Blanc wine can range from being floral on the nose with crisp citrous flavors to being more buttery and complex with flavors of pear, vanilla or almonds when oak fermented.