The Brent Manor Vineyards

The Owners

The Owners, Jorge and Tracie Raposo So, introductions are always a little awkward, right? The typical "Hi, we're Jorge and Tracie!" kind of stuff.

As much as we appreciate that you even clicked to read about us, this is more about the dream we had to build and run a boutique winery in the heart of Virginia Wine Country.

This dream has certainly changed over the years. It started as a Bed & Breakfast, then it went to a Bed & Breakfast and a winery, and finally it has become a boutique winery that aims to bring you a little of the New World with Virginia wines, and a little of the Old World with Portuguese wines.

We both work for a large insurance company, but our hearts called out for something more personal and fulfilling. We have been visiting Virginia wineries and making our own wines for years. Starting a winery turned into the next logical step (though some would argue that to start a winery in Virginia's climate is to defy logic). We knew that we wanted to be in Virginia's wine country, around Charlottesville, and we had plenty of time to find the perfect location. After many roadtrips and many disappointments we finally found the property that was to become the Brent Manor Vineyards - where the Old World meets the New World.